My review & pictures of “Miss You Can Do It” World Premiere at 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival

On Monday, April 8, 2013 I attended the gala World Premiere of Miss You Can Do It at the Palm Beach International Film Festival in Palm Beach County, Florida. The screening was held at the Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille in Delray Beach. The film was a selection in the Documentary Feature Competition.

Big ideas start with a dream. In the case of young Abbey Curran, one dream led to another...and another...and another. The first dream was Abbey Curran's desire to create a beauty pageant for girls with disabilities. That's how the Miss You Can Do It pageant came to be in 2004. Leading by example, she went on to win the title of Miss Iowa USA in 2008. Lofty enough for any girl, to be sure, but Ms. Curran has a physical disability which could have excluded her -- but didn't. And she won. Two dreams accomplished. That allowed her to achieve her next goal, to be in the Miss USA pageant. She was the first woman with a disability to do so. Dream(s) becomes reality.

Enter award-winning documentary producer/director Ron Davis, with another big idea -- to turn this remarkable story into a motion picture. That dream has been achieved, and the result is Miss You Can Do It, an inspiring film that delights even as it educates. But Davis doesn't hammer the audience with messages about discrimination or how we see and treat those who aren't as fortunate to have been born "abled." That comes naturally. It's a journey we take with the girls and their families, learning that it's not about what people cannot do -- it's about what they can. In the end, this is not about a big idea at all. No, it's really a small one. It's simple. Focus on what's right rather than what's wrong.

Miss You Can Do It was produced by Julie Anderson, cinematographer Clay Westervelt, and director Ron Davis for Docutainment Films. HBO Documentary Films is the distributor.

I gave Miss You Can Do It four stars and an Honorable Mention in my 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival Top 6 Documentaries.

Director/producer Ron Davis and his assistant walked the Red Carpet at the Opening Night Screening of Decoding Annie Parker at Muvico Parisian at CityPlace in West Palm Beach on Thursday, April 4th. On Monday, April 8th at Frank CineBowl, I was honored to introduce the film and host an entertaining and heartfelt Q&A session after the screening with Davis. He posed for photos afterward.

Here are some pictures I shot on the Opening Night Red Carpet along with photos taken after the April 8th screening:





Larry Richman

Larry Richman

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