My review & pictures of “Lost on Purpose” World Premiere at 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival

On Saturday, April 6, 2013 I attended the World Premiere of Lost on Purpose at the Palm Beach International Film Festival in Palm Beach County, Florida. The screening was held at the Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille in Delray Beach.

This excellently-crafted, sweet little American indie from writers/directors/producers Ian and Eshom Nelms follows the lives of five late twenty to early thirty-somethings working on an aging San Joaquin Valley dairy farm. The hanging-by-a-thread operation is run by the worn and down but not out Ms. Liz (Jane Kaczmarek in perhaps her finest film role). The "boys" -- Fever, D-1, Shotgun, The Colonel, and Prototype -- are magnificently portrayed by James Lafferty, Aaron Hill, Peter Donovan (who also composed and performs stellar original music in the film), Tom Fugedi, and Michael Lawson, respectively. The performances are simply spot on.

Lost on Purpose is a slice of life in a relatively lifeless environment -- a small town in central California, but it could be just about anywhere. Certainly, anyone who grew up in such a place knows it well. There isn't a whole lot to do. So you do what you can to get by. If it sounds sad, well, where there's pity there's sympathy. And where there's sympathy there's comfort. We know these people. And that cuts to the heart of what makes this film what it is -- this brilliant young cast does what good actors are supposed to do -- they make these characters real. You never get the feeling that this is scripted, or has been rehearsed.

It's always hard to single anyone out in such a dedicated ensemble cast, but it's clear that C. Thomas Howell proves he can still act with the best of them as corporate farmer Delbert Furgeson. Watch for Jeremy Ratchford (ABC's Cold Case) and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (The Help) in rich and colorful roles, along with the always-reliable Dale Dickey and Michelle Lang as strong women in a very male-centric story.

The film's success at stimulating the senses owes much to the stunning work of cinematographer Johnny Derango along with editor Traton Lee, composers Peter Donovan and Will Holland, and production designer Nathan Carden.

Lost on Purpose was produced by Ian Nelms, Eshom Nelms, Johnny Derango, and Michelle Lang. John J. Derango, Irvin E. Engebretson, Max Lupercio, and Ron Yanke served as Executive Producers for Derango Films and Folly Films. Steven Rogers served as co-producer along with associate producers Merry Colomer and Megan Powers.

For elegantly stretching the dollars of a low budget independent film to create a Hollywood-level character study and portrait of a way of life rapidly disappearing in America, I gave Lost on Purpose five stars and a place on my 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival Top 4 Narratives.

I was honored to introduce the film and host a fun and entertaining Q&A session after the screening, where I was joined by writers/directors/producers Ian and Eshom Nelms, composer/star Peter Donovan, cinematographer/producer Johnny Derango, and executive producer Ron Yanke.

Ian and Eshom Nelms, Peter Donovan, and Johnny Derango also walked the Red Carpet at the Opening Night Screening of Decoding Annie Parker. They were joined by Palm Beach International Film Festival President Randi Emerman at the afterparty celebration. The festivities took place at Muvico Parisian at CityPlace in West Palm Beach on Thursday, April 4.

Here are some pictures I shot on the Red Carpet and at the afterparty on Opening Night, along with photos taken outside the theatre after the screening:




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Lost on Purpose Trailer from Folly Films on Vimeo.


Larry Richman

Larry Richman

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