My review & pictures of “Lost Boy Home” World Premiere at 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival

On Friday, April 5, 2013 I attended the gala World Premiere of Lost Boy Home at the Palm Beach International Film Festival in Palm Beach County, Florida. The screening was held at the Cobb Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens.

The heartbreaking saga of the "Lost Boys" may be well-known to some. 27,000 boys and young men were forced out of South Sudan during the civil war of 1987 after the Islamic government declared that all males in that Christian region should die. Most went to Ethiopia where they lived in severely overcrowded refugee camps. By 1991, as conditions became intolerable, many fled to a UN refugee camp in Ethiopia. The trip on foot took thousands of lives. Only 12,000 survived to make it to Kakuma. These "Lost Boys" either stayed in the squalor of the camp or were dispersed to the West as visas were granted. 4,000 eventually came to the United States, including the subject of this documentary, Zacharia Char.

He reinvents himself in America, finding a home, starting a family, and becoming a religious leader to the large community of Africans in his Michigan community. 24 years later Char yearned to return to Duk Padiet where his parents were left behind. Lost Boy Home is director/producer Mark Barger Elliott's filmed record of that hopeful reunion.

With Oscar-winning cinematographer Tom Hurwitz, Grammy-Award winning songwriter Marcus Hummon, and Oscar-nominated Editor Ann Collins on his team, Elliott's film is a labor of love that oozes bittersweet memories. Char's hopes and dreams, joy and pain, are palpable as we are witness to his journey in real time. Expect to shed some tears.

Lost Boy Home was produced by Mark Barger Elliott. Liesel Litzenburger Meijer served as Executive Producer.

I gave Lost Boy Home four stars and a place on my 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival Top 6 Documentaries.

Director/producer Mark Barger Elliott walked the Red Carpet at the Opening Night Screening of Decoding Annie Parker on Thursday, April 4 at Muvico Parisian at CityPlace in West Palm Beach.

On Friday, April 5 at the Cobb Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens, I was honored to introduce the film and host an entertaining and heartfelt Q&A session after the screening with Elliott and "Lost Boy" Zachariah Char. The director's family and friends joined us after the screening for photos.

Here are some pictures I shot on the Opening Night Red Carpet along with photos taken before and after the World Premiere screening:

RED CARPET GALLERY (31 photos on 2 pages)




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Larry Richman

Larry Richman

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