My review & pictures of “07-07-07 Amorita’s Unlucky Day” World Premiere at 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival

On Saturday, April 6, 2013 I attended the World Premiere of 07-07-07 Amorita's Unlucky Day at the Palm Beach International Film Festival in Palm Beach County, Florida. The screening was held at the Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille in Delray Beach. The film was a selection in the Documentary Feature Competition.

There are those rare serendipitous moments in cinema when a documentary comes along that focuses on a single event, a moment in time, which is relatively unknown to the overwhelming majority of the population. It's doubtful that many outside the sailing community are aware of the crash that took place on July 7, 2007 (hence the title) which sent the vintage vessel Amorita to the bottom of the bay during a race off Newport, Rhode Island. That such an accident could be the subject of a movie so moving, so emotional that it can bring tears to the unsuspecting viewer's eyes is a testament to the passion with which boat owners and filmmakers Bill Doyle and Jed Pearsall brought to their love of the Amorita as well as the film documenting its life and tragic "death."

No knowledge of sailing history is required to appreciate this fine film -- but I cannot imagine how powerful an experience seeing this movie would be for someone within the yachting community, particularly those who witnessed the tragedy at the Museum of Yachting's Robert Tiedemann Classic Regatta in 2007. Doyle and Pearsall, with the steady hand of director Pierre Marcel, have compiled remarkable (and occasionally disturbing) archival footage and combined it seamlessly with modern-day reenactments to bring the viewer onto the deck and into the hearts and minds of Amorita's owners and fans. It's a wonderful ride.

07-07-07 Amorita's Unlucky Day was produced by Bill Doyle and Jed Pearsall. Director Pierre Marcel also served as co-producer.

I gave 07-07-07 Amorita's Unlucky Day five stars and a place on my 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival Top 4 Documentaries.

On Saturday, April 6 at Frank CineBowl, I brought producers/stars Bill Doyle and Jed Pearsall onstage to introduce the film. After the screening, Doyle and Pearsall returned to the stage for an informative and heartfelt Q&A session. I was honored to be the moderator.

Here are some pictures I shot on the red carpet and as Doyle and Pearsall met viewers after the Q&A:





Larry Richman

Larry Richman

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