My review & pictures of “Plus One” World Premiere Q&A at 2013 SXSW Film Festival

On Sunday, March 10, 2013 I attended the gala World Premiere of Plus One at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The screening took place at the legendary Alamo Ritz. The film was a selection in the Midnighters section.

Award-winning director Dennis Iliadis, who burst onto the scene in 2004 with the controversial Hardcore and followed up with the 2009 remake of Last House on the Left, threw the delighted audience for a loop with this Midnighters selection. It would be difficult to categorize Plus One as traditional horror, although it has its share of gore. A copious amount of skin and debauchery might also earn it the "teen sex comedy" label but that would be equally inadequate. Iliadis' story, developed for the screen by writer Bill Gullo, is a genre hybrid that combines the best of both -- along with a touch of sci-fi, paranormal, and romance, to boot. Risky? Sure. Bold? Absolutely. Does it work? Surprisingly, yes, in a big way.

The entire narrative, for the most part, takes place at one location -- a house party -- on one fateful night. Three friends accept an invitation to attend what is sure to be the bash of the year. Little do they know their reality is about to become surreality as things are not what they appear to be. No spoilers here -- but the viewer will be treated to a perverse thrill ride that is unrelenting from opening to closing credits. A talented, attractive young cast brings Plus One to life with just the right balance of authenticity and tongue firmly planted in cheek, including Logan Miller -- who provides much of the film's comic relief and basis for an R -- Rhys Wakefield, and Ashley Hinshaw, along with Natalie Hall, Adam David Thompson, and Rohan Kymal.

Cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr. met the challenge presented by weeks of night shoots in a hot Atlanta summer, no small task. Editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis kept the pace moving and Nathan Larson composed the upbeat score that's more fun than fright. Plus One was produced by director Dennis Iliadis along with Tim Perell for Process Productions. Brothers Strause, Edson Williams, Thomas Nittmann, and Guy Botham served as Executive Producers.

I gave Plus One five stars and a place on my 2013 SXSW Film Festival Top 8 Narratives.

Director Dennis Iliadis was brought onstage by SXSW Film Festival Programmer Jarod Neece to introduce the movie. After the screening, Austin filmmaker Nathan Zellner called Iliadis back up for a raucous late night Q&A session, joined by screenwriter Bill Gullo and stars Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw, Natalie Hall, Adam David Thompson, and Rohan Kymal.

Here are some pictures I shot during the intro and Q&A:

INTRO AND Q&A GALLERY (49 photos on 3 pages)


NOTE: Plus One has been acquired by IFC Midnight.

Here is the first trailer. CAUTION: it is very spoilery.



Larry Richman

Larry Richman

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