The annual Gen Art Film Festival in New York City was always one of the most unique events in the industry, spotlighting a select 7 features and 7 shorts over 7 nights. Each evening's festivities concluded with an afterparty open to all who attended the screenings. The quality of the small lineup was always truly extraordinary, resulting in some of the most memorable experiences of my career. Festival director Jeffrey Abramson and his staff were a joy to be around. Their dedication was palpable.

But they were so much more. Gen Art was about film, art, fashion, and music. With chapters in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, members all over the country were treated to regular film screenings along with fashion shows, art gallery exhibitions, concerts, and special events galore. Their gifting suite at Sundance was like a home away from home. I was proud to be a member and promote this wonderful organization.

So it is with much sadness that I pass on this email:
Dear Gen Art Member,

It is with an extremely heavy heart that we are contacting you.

After struggling for the past 18 months since the economic crisis, Gen Art has finally succumbed to the recession.

During this challenging time we did everything in our power to adjust our business to these new business realities by cutting costs and seeking out alternative funding solutions. However when a major, new, corporate partnership unexpectedly collapsed a few weeks ago, we found ourselves without sufficient resources or time to overcome this sudden and substantial loss of revenue. The reality is that we had fiscally planned and relied upon the representations of this partner. Their decision had the unintended effect of pushing Gen Art over the edge. As of today we have halted all operations and had to lay off all staff.

We will be forever grateful for your support as a member and the support of so many individuals and corporate partners over the last 16 years who have believed in the vision and mission of this business. Whatever we have accomplished has been made possible through the hard work and dedication of the incredible Gen Art staff, interns and legions of volunteers who have given so much of themselves, their passion and their talents to the common causes of discovering and showcasing the new generation of talent.

We realize that this sudden end will mean that your membership entitlements will go unfilled and for that we are truly sorry. Your support has been one of the mainstays of our business all these years. At its core Gen Art has always been a membership organization and feel terribly that we have let you down. Unfortunately no one is escaping this calamity unscathed. Our sudden collapse will mean that many of our corporate partners, vendors and our staff all stand to lose something in addition to substantial personal losses we will have as the principals.

It has been an incredible journey and experience. We will always remember the good times and proudly think back on the opportunities created for so many emerging artists through the thousands of fashion shows, film screenings and festivals, live music performance, art fairs and competitions we have produced across the country since 1994.

We hope that where we have left off, others will step up to help fill the void.

Ian & Stefan Gerard
Gen Art Founders

Goodbye, Gen Art. We had some good times together.


Larry Richman

Larry Richman

For 20 years I was a professional in the entertainment industry, from commercial broadcast radio in America's fourth largest market to band management to record production. But my passion is independent film, and I spend much of the year traveling to film festivals to see indies and meet the actors, directors, and others responsible for creating them. I'm a writer, photographer, and videographer, currently serving as Senior Vice President for Media & Technology and Public Relations at PROnetworks as well as Editor at

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  • john Reply

    Your support has been one of the mainstays of our business all these years. At its core Gennike air jordan Art has always been a membership organization and feel terribly that we have let you down.

    June 24, 2010 at 9:24 am
  • Bart Johnson Reply

    What was the song in the Gen art chicago film festival commercial? where can i find the commercial on the internet? (NOT YOUTUBE)

    June 27, 2010 at 9:18 am

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