My pictures of Nic Cage, Tye Sheridan, David Gordon Green “Joe” Q&A at 2013 Toronto Film Festival

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 I attended the exciting North American Premiere of Joe at the Toronto International Film Festival. The sold-out screening was held in the elegant 2000-seat Princess of Wales Theatre. It was featured in the Special Presentations section.

Joe is a Southern drama (shot around director David Gordon Green's hometown of Austin, Texas, like his previous film Prince Avalanche) starring Nicolas Cage stars as the titular Joe Ransom, a rough and tumble leader of a crew that clears trees for developers. Tye Sheridan plays Gary, a streetwise 15-year-old boy with a drunk for a dad and no male role model to look up to. Gary meets Joe. Madness ensues, sprinkled with a healthy dose of male bonding and pseudo-parental affection. If that sounds like the setting and theme for Mud, Sheridan's 2012 tour de force with Matthew McConaughey as unlikely father figure, it's no accident. Sheridan is considered the hottest under-21 male actor in Hollywood, and Green sought him for this role on the basis of his work in Mud. With Joe, this 16-year-old Texas teen becomes the central figure in two of the best coming-of-age stories this decade.    

For more see my full-length review.

TIFF Programmer Michael Lerman introduced the film. Since he didn't call up anyone from the production, the audience assumed there would be no Q&A. But...all were surprised when it was announced that some special guests would make it over to the theatre by film's end. After the screening, the crowd cheered as director David Gordon Green took the stage with stars Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan for a lengthy, informative, and fun Q&A session.   

Here are some pictures I shot of the elegant venue, the intro, and Q&A with Green, Cage, and Sheridan:

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NOTE: I selected Joe for my Toronto International Film Festival Top Picks.


Larry Richman

Larry Richman

For 20 years I was a professional in the entertainment industry, from commercial broadcast radio in America's fourth largest market to band management to record production. But my passion is independent film, and I spend much of the year traveling to film festivals to see indies and meet the actors, directors, and others responsible for creating them. I'm a writer, photographer, and videographer, currently serving as Senior Vice President for Media & Technology and Public Relations at PROnetworks as well as Editor at

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