My pics of “Man From Reno” World Premiere Q&A at 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival

On Sunday, June 15, 2014 I attended the highly anticipated World Premiere of Man From Reno at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The sold-out screening was held at the Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE. The film was a selection in the Narrative Competition section.

Man From Reno is director Dave Boyle's fifth film in the director's chair, and he's back with longtime co-writers Michael Lerman and Joel Clark. I've attended several of Boyle's premieres over the years. At the 2011 SXSW Film Festival the multihyphenate wunderkind followed up his successful features Big Dreams Little Tokyo and White on Rice with his third directorial effort, Surrogate Valentine. As director, writer, producer, and editor, Boyle was able to fashion a quirky little American indie that proved to be one of the festival's most pleasant surprises. Surrogate Valentine went on to win numerous awards, including the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at the San Diego Asian Film Festival and the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

In 2012 he returned with the sequel to that project, Daylight Savings, and an expanded staff that included most of the talented Surrogate Valentine creative team. Boyle returned as director, writer, and editor. Acting as a co-editor and producer was Michael Lerman, who was a co-executive producer and editor on Surrogate Valentine and has served as Artistic Director for the Philadelphia Film Festival. Also contributing to the script was Joel Clark, who was also a writer on the previous picture. At the time, I sat down for an in-depth video interview with Boyle and star/composer/co-writer Goh Nakamura. 

With the Japan/USA co-production Man From Reno, the magical team of Boyle, Lerman, and Clark does it again. This is an epic noir slow burn of a mystery thriller that's so multi-layered, so complex, so nuanced, you'll want to see it again and again. It wasn't a mystery that it was the hit of the festival. Both screenings sold out and it won the competition, taking the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature. In presenting the honor, the jury said, "Man From Reno tells a complicated story in a straightforward confident manner. Its exploration of barriers of age, language and success set against a noir plot line infuses a pop energy into the well observed portrayal of its unique characters."

"It's an incredible honor and a wonderful surprise to receive this award," Boyle declared. "The LA Film Fest experience has been so wonderful, and I didn't think it could get any better. I want to thank Doug Jones, Maggie Mackay and David Ansen for championing the film and the hard work of many people. I can't thank our cast and crew enough for believing in this project.  It's an amazing feeling to see their work on the film honored this way, and a treat to receive the award from a jury of filmmakers whose work I admire so much."

Added Ko Mori, producer for Eleven Arts, "I still can't believe that we won the best narrative film at Los Angeles film Festival. I'm so honored. An independent film like ours is always not easy to be recognized to wide audience so this is so encouraging. Great work from the director Dave Boyle and the whole team! I'd like to thank LAFF to have given us this opportunity."

For a synopsis see the festival's official page.

Following the screening, director/co-writer/co-editor Dave Boyle was joined by a slew of cast and crew for a fun and informative Q&A, including actors Yuki Matsuzaki, Tetsuo Kuramochi, Ayako Fujitani, Pepe Serna, Elisha Skorman, Yasuyo Shiba, and Masami Kosaka along with co-writer Michael Lerman.

Here are some pictures I shot during the Q&A:

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NOTE: I selected Man From Reno as one of my Top Picks from the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival. It went on to win the LA Film Fest's Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature.

A clip is below.

Man From Reno Clip

Man From Reno Clip (2014). Ayako Fujitani (TOKYO!), Pepe Serna (SCARFACE), and Kazuki Kitamura (THE RAID 2 & KILL BILL).…
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